Sleep note
Case Study
An alarm clock with a twist. Includes a timer,
a night clock and a unique sleep analysis feature
Challenge & requirements
The client had an idea for an app that transforms the complicated dream analysis by moon phases method into a simple and easy-to-use application. The challenge was to combine sleep analysis functionality, alarm, and timer features in one app and yet leave the app’s interface minimalist and simple.
Mobexs came up with an app that included 4 components: an alarm clock, a timer with a stopwatch, a night clock, and a dream analysis feature. The added animated elements and keywords contribute to the easiness of making sleep notes and encourage users to regularly input their sleeping observations.
The client got an app that stands out from the alarm clock scene on the App store by offering more than just clock and wake-up features. It is now a one of a kind app for dream analysis on the iTunes App Store
sleek & clean
Perfect as
a bedside clock
Contacts & Feedback
Yuri Ramazanov
Sergei Kvasov